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Speak out about how air pollution is affecting your life today and help us demand politicians #ClearTheAir we breathe.

We are all at risk

Air pollution affects all of us. It damages our lungs, triggers asthma attacks and cuts our lives short. People living in the poorest communities are among the people most affected by air pollution, along with people with lung conditions, pregnant women, infants and children and the elderly. This isn’t fair.

But change is possible if we work together and demand action

At the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, we’re calling on UK leaders to #ClearTheAir.

Political leaders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save lives, protect our children’s futures and level up our communities.

Join those who have already spoken about how air pollution affects them and demand cleaner air today.

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    Create a framed photo and share

    Upload a photo, select a frame and start sharing using #ClearTheAir and join those who have already spoken out about how air pollution affects them.

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    Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation

    We are working to change the lives of everyone affected by lung conditions. Our vision is for a world where we can all breathe clean air with healthy lungs.

    Our support helps people who struggle to breathe manage their lung condition and live well. Our world-leading research finds new ways to prevent, treat and cure lung disease. Our campaigns help make vital, lasting change.

    Find out more

    Impact on Urban Health

    The places that we grow up, live and work impact how healthy we are. Urban areas, like inner-city London, have some of the most extreme health outcomes. Alongside their vibrancy and diversity sit stark health inequalities.

    At Impact on Urban Health, we want to change this. We believe that we can remove obstacles to good health, by making urban areas healthier places for everyone to live.

    Our ten year Health effects of air pollution programme explores how people’s health is affected by poor air quality. We test solutions to reduce these harmful effects, in both indoor and outdoor spaces, on those most susceptible: children, older people and people with heart and lung conditions.

    Find out more

    Our report describes how air pollution unfairly affects some communities more than others and what can be done to level up. 

    Find out more

    About toxic air, how bad it is where you live and what you can do in your community, visit our Clean Air Hub.

    Find out more

    About how you can protect yourself and family.

    Find out more

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